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Unleash the Potential of your Pitch with Kingfisher Controls

With late night training sessions or events, many sport clubs are seeking new and versatile methods to increase business hours, while decreasing energy costs. We have the perfect solution with Kingfisher Controls.


Unlike conventional lighting systems, Kingfisher Controls offer bespoke solutions to meet the current and future needs of your site. From scene switching to complex DMX sequencing, these controls will allow you to have full control of your lighting system at the touch of a button.

Your Kingfisher Controls Journey

When you begin your project, you will be assigned a Project Sales Engineer from the Kingfisher Sport Team to discuss all project requirements such as budget, space, legislations, and other relevant factors.

In order to craft the perfect scheme, your dedicated engineer will work alongside our expert technical experts to discuss your options including part night dimming, DMX capabilities and set scenarios. You will be given the choice of a switch system or web-based interface dependant on location and signal strength.

Switch System

Opting for a switch system allows the controller to be directly connected to the mains and programmed with the correct lighting commands. You can select from a simple push button system or a key fob option for control on the go and unlike the web-based interface, there’s no need for an internet connection and it only needs the simple click of a button to make the command work.

Web-Based Interface

Opting for the web-based option means all your lighting will be controlled through an online platform, such as a portal or app. Your luminaire will come with a pre-programmed collator, which transmits information via a Bluetooth mesh system ensuring maximised control.

This system can also adapt with the changing needs of your site ensuring continuous versatility for events, light scheduling and device information alongside standard profile settings.

Kingfisher Sport can provide lighting solutions for all manner of sports and high mast locations and have worked with everyone from grass root clubs through to professional sports grounds and stadiums. We host a powerful collection of luminaires compatible with the Kingfisher Controls system to boast your performance and versatility.

Find out more about Kingfisher Controls by contacting our team at

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