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Recent investment in The Crucial Environmental Stadium, home of Worthing FC, has seen the club undergo major renovations. The redevelopment sees improved onsite amenities including dressing rooms, bathroom facilities, refreshment areas and an all new LED lighting system for the grounds.


A little History…

First opened in 1892, the stadium (often known as Woodside Road) has been home to Worthing FC for over 100 years. Owned by George Dowell, a former member of the club, the stadium has seen many developments since it was purchased in March 2015. Over the years, many people have come together to watch their favourite teams compete and have loved seeing the evolution of the stadium including more seating with a capacity of 4000 people.

Designing the Right Scheme…

The Kingfisher Sports Team were invited to the grounds and undertook a full site survey to assess their existing equipment and recommend the best possible replacements for their previous HID luminaires. Our team then assessed the different uses for the grounds including matches, training and events to ensure the new system was perfect for all functions.

A detailed lighting scheme was created using the Amnis Pro and Amnis Sports luminaires, wireless control systems, as well as 15 metre mid-hinged columns and all the necessary accessories.

Amnis Pro fittings, with a combination of the narrow short throw optic and the wide short throw optics, were situated around the perimeter of the pitch to perfect illuminate all areas of play, in all weather! Amnis Sport was also featured using its narrow short throw optic guaranteeing exceptional light distribution across the pitch allowing great viewing for a variety of audiences. Amnis’ flat glass surface combined with the innovative reflector technology allowed us to avoid obtrusive light accurately and ensure visual comfort for all spectators.

We used our 15m mid-hinged columns as installation and maintenance can be carried out safely at ground level. They also have no need for expensive high-level platform equipment. It was the most appropriate route for this job.

As with all sites, there can be some obstacles and with this site in particular there were a lot of residential homes surrounding the grounds. Our expert teams meticulously chose a combination of optics within the design, making sure to avoid any obtrusive light to the nearing neighbourhoods.

The end results were outstanding! We converted the stadium to a full LED system which drastically reducing energy and maintenance costs, while giving a much better output and performance. The lifespan of these luminaires are much greater than the previous HID fittings and are easier to maintain too.

Worthing FC now have an updated lighting scheme ensuring they can play no matter what time of day! It has not only benefitted the teams but also the community who come together to enjoy watching their favourite teams.   


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