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High Mast Lighting

We supply, install and maintain all types of high mast lighting systems. We cover everything from road junction lighting, to dock lighting, airport lighting, and sports lighting.

Our 5-Step System shows the range of services we offer - you can take the full solution or only those parts you need. Download our high mast brochure here or get in touch to discuss your project.

Immingham LED high mast

1: Audit & Design

This includes site-visit to audit your high mast lighting system, lighting and structural design and energy payback calculations for your new Kingfisher high mast lighting system

2: The Mast

There are 3 different types of mast and we will help you choose the one which is right for you. Fixed, hinged or lowering head frame.

Fixed high masts are just that - fixed, and teamed with energy efficient high mast lighting they are a great way to light large areas.

Hinged high masts hinge in the middle or at the base - perfect for high mast systems where you want to work at ground level on the lighting and have plenty of space for clearance. They types of high masts are very popular for sports flood lighting.

Lowering head frame high masts have a powered winch and pulley system and the lighting on the head frame lowers down the length of the mast. Ideal for working safely at ground level and for sites that are tight on space such as port or airports or handling and storage areas.

3: Lighting & Controls

We can specify a variety of energy efficient lighting and controls systems, including new LED products and the more traditional HID flood lights. There are a variety of controls systems we can guide you through to make your high mast lighting system even more energy efficient. You can see our energy efficient high mast lighting products below.

4: Installation & commissioning

Our experienced, certified high mast team work on all kinds of projects. We are HERS registered to work on street and highways high mast lighting and are also SAPCA members whichtestifies to our sports lighting experience.

We can commission your lighting scheme to ensure the realitymatches the original design and assist setting up controls systems.

5: Maintenance

The all-important element which can be forgotten! Maintaining a high mast lighting system is critical for it's long-term performance and health & safety. We can offer a variety of maintenance services covering both Kingfisher and non-Kingfisher products.