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High Mast Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

We are experts in installing, commissioning and maintaining high mast lighting systems

Our full service solution can offer you peace of mind for high mast lighting systems. Our lighting & structural design, our supply of LED high mast lighting and chosen high mast structure are only the beginning...


Our experienced and capable team of high mast installation experts are on hand to run your entire high mast lighting projects from start to finish. We can manage all on-site installation requirements.

We are HERS registered for highways installations and we have air-side insurance We have experience of all types of installations from sports lighting to air port lightings, dock and port lighting and highways lighting. You can find out more by visiting our installation & commissioning page.


Once the high mast lighting system is installed we can commission it for you. This involves ensuring the lighting, electrics and any controls systems are fully functioning as per the lighting design. 


Ingoing maintenance of your high mast lighting is vital. It ensures your system will stand the test of time and also complies with your health & safety obligations. With our ongoing maintenance packages you can be sure we have thoroughly checked the system to ensure your peace of mind. For more information on our three levels of maintenance check visit ourhigh mast lighting maintenance page.