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Nant Conwy RFC

After receiving funding of over £100K, Nant Conwy RFC have added another pitch to their grounds with an all new LED flood light system.


Established in 1980 in Conwy Valley in North Wales between Llanrwst and Trefriw, the club has gone from strength to strength and now hosts 18 teams of all ages. The club’s 1st Team are currently in League One North in the Welsh Rugby Union.

As the club gained popularity and members, many players were unable to continue training after dusk due to a lack of lighting on the pitches surrounding the main grounds. The Kingfisher Sport team were invited to create a bespoke solution to extend training hours and create a cost effective scheme for the growing club.

The Project

The site houses three full sized rugby pitches, and Kingfisher were tasked with lighting the newest playing field, with cost effective LED lighting with reduced back spill to alleviate light pollution for nearby residents. 

The Fittings


Amnis Flood has been designed and engineered in the UK and was the perfect choice for this project. Using reflector technology and unique optic choices, Amnis cuts off the light alleviating back spill and focusing the light distribution to exactly where it’s needed… the pitch!

This powerful flood light hosts a unique heat sink system and precision one die-cast housing with optimises thermal performance, meaning extended lifetime of the fitting and reduced running costs.

This flicker free luminaire guarantees visual comfort for both players and spectators alike, as well as offering broadcasting opportunities as the club grows. The benefits don’t stop there…The patented Alanod Miro-silver reflector optics ensure there is an even distribution of light throughout the luminaire itself, which encourages stable optic performance over life, as well as saving the amount of energy needed to power the luminaire.

The Masts

The Kingfisher Sport team selected 15m base hinged columns from our extensive range.  With 24 fittings situated at Nant Conwy RFC, safety is paramount. These columns are securely bolted in position and specially designed to hold large headloads on busy sites.

Hinged at the base, these columns allow for the luminaires to be easily maintained without the risks and associated costs of lifting equipment.

The finalisation of this project allows Nant Conwy RFC to not only extend training hours but opens up new opportunities for the future.