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Request to return form

Please first read the returns policy below, before downloading the returns form.

You can find our request to return form available to download here.

Returns policy

  1. The customer will request the return of goods supplied within a reasonable time of receipt of delivery. That reasonable length of time shall be no later than two months from the date of delivery.
  2. A request to returns goods form must be complete to notify Kingfisher of;
    a) The quantity of goods to be returned;
    b) The Delivery Note No. and the Kingfisher order number to which those goods relate;
    c) The reason why the goods need to be returned.
  3. Goods will only be accepted for return if agreed in advance by Kingfisher, either in writing or by email.
  4. If the goods are no longer required by you and were not specifically manufactured for you a handling charge of 20% of their original value will be made by Kingfisher. If the goods were of special manufacture then Kingfisher reserve the right to make a handling charge of up to 100% of their value.
  5. Kingfisher will investigate the request to return goods and, if acceptable, will post or fax to the customer an Authorisation to Return Note including a Return Note No.
  6. The Authorisation to Return Note should be returned with the goods by the Customer. Failure to provide that note on the outside of the packaging will mean that Kingfisher will reject the goods concerned.
  7. Please note Kingfisher staff are instructed not to accept any goods without sight of an Authorisation to Return Note.
  8. Kingfisher reserves the right to reject goods not returned in their original undamaged packaging.
  9. Goods and packaging must be in pristine condition, so that they can be re-sold. If not, then we reserve the right to make a further deduction from any refund notified.
  10. The Returned Goods will be held in quarantine until they can be inspected. The length of time in quarantine shall not exceed five working days.
  11. After inspection of the returned goods and acceptance of the reason for return if relating to a quality issue, Kingfisher will replace or issue a credit note for the value of the goods. Should the reason for return not be accepted then Kingfisher will contact the Customer to make alternative arrangements.
  12. A standard handling/re-stocking charge of 20% is applicable for stock items. Some items which are made-to-order, nonstock items (special order) may be taken back at a different (higher) charge or may not be taken back at all if there is little or no chance of reselling the product(s). Note that discontinued product(s) will not be accepted.
  13. The cost of returning the goods to Kingfisher must be borne by the customer.
  14. Kingfisher Lighting are unable to offer a free collection service for customers wishing to return items.
  15. Genuinely faulty goods will, of course, be replaced free of charge, but we reserve the right to charge for replacement items or services supplied, when the fault lies with other parties.
  16. This policy may only be altered or otherwise changed with written agreement with a Director’s signature.
  17. Sale or return samples are supplied on the basis that an invoice for the full value of the goods will be issued if the sample has not been returned within 3 months of the original delivery date.

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