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Rainworth FC

Originating back to 1922, Rainworth MWFC was originally known as Rufford Colliery FC and sits on the grounds of the Rainworth Miners Welfare. It was in 1976 that the club really started its streak of success under the watchful eye of Brian Phillips and has since become a pillar of the local community.

The team is sponsored by Worksop Van Hire, Blidworth Dale Garage as well as many others. The club also has affiliations with the East Midlands County League, England Football, the Football Foundation and Nottinghamshire FA.

The Project

The club had an aged system with the original columns being donated by the local pit. The flood lights were over 30 years old and therefore were in dire need of an upgrade benefitting the club’s overall running costs. There was also a need to ensure the amount of back spill within the overall scheme was minimal due to the surrounding residential areas.

The Solution

We conducted a site inspection, including full structural survey on the existing masts, an electrical survey on the current system and looked at optimum levels for the surrounding areas. After all site assessments were complete, we created an energy efficient lighting solution with our expert Lighting Design Team which perfectly met the current and future requirements of the club and reduced any potential back spill onto the surrounding properties.


After the inspection and analysis on the new luminaires, we concluded that the height of the columns didn’t comply with the weight and windage limitations. So, another solution was needed to be sought. Reducing the height of the masts from the 20m to 15m meant the weight and windage requirements could be met, ensuring maximum safety on site.


Assessing the quality of the current cabling in association with the latest British Regulation Standards was key but unfortunately, the results showed that this did not comply, therefore needed replacing along with the luminaires.

The Luminaire – Amnis Flood

Designed and engineered in the UK, this high-performance fixture provides over 250 lux average across the site with 0.64 uniformity levels. Additionally, the flood provides a flicker-free illumination and allows for a comfortable output for all players and spectators across the grounds.

This luminaire was the perfect choice to reduce not only the energy costs but maintenance fees for the luminaire itself. The flat-to-ground fitting perfectly meets ILP Guidance on Obtrusive Light thanks to its reflector system, allowing for better control of the light source and reducing chances of back spill.

Overall, the Kingfisher Sport Team provided a full end-to-end solution delivering excellent illumination, efficiency and future proofing against the club’s growing needs.