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High Mast LED Lighting

LED High Mast Lighting 

At Kingfisher we work hard to bring you practical energy saving solutions. That is why we have some great new LED high mast lighting options now available.

Galileo LED high mast flood light


Galileo is our new LED floodlight for high mast applications, such as car park lighting, area lighting, airport lightings, sea and port lighting. Extensive R&D has resulted in a game-changing product that can provide both the power and the efficiency for use in high mast applications.

It offers high levels of energy efficiency coupled with a powerful light output. It can be controlled in a number of ways including dimming and zoning to deliver even more energy savings. The reflector system not only gives precise light output, it also reduces glare and light pollution too. The modular design allows us to build up the exact lighting solution to match your requirements.

Italo Flood


Italo Flood is a new LED high mast flood light recently added to the Italo range. For the first time you can match your street and amenity lighting to your high mast lighting. Thousands of Italos are already installed around the world - it is undisputed, proven LED technology.

A powerful lumen output is coupled with the patented Comfort Light Optic which gives less glare than a lens system, it also lasts longer and is easier to maintain.

The aesthetic is modern and attractive and can be wall mounted for applications such as loading bays, as well as being mounted on a high mast for are lighting

To find out more about the different types of high mast lighting structures visit our high mast lighting structures page.