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Egerton FC

Established in 2002 by a team of volunteers, the club began with the intention of offering children in the local community a fun and welcoming environment in which they could develop their ball skills. Local Kids were afforded the opportunity to join one of several mini-teams and hone down their football knowledge and of course social skills. They achieved their main goal and much more, over the past 18 years the club’s popularity has grown and they now have a membership of over 600 players from Knutsford and the surrounding areas.


With players best interests in mind, the club offers a range of activities catering for all ages and abilities. Egerton founders wanted to create, and still maintain a safe atmosphere, encouraging the players to learn and play together without any undue outside pressure. This allows them to flourish and really enjoy the game.

They not only provide a range of activities but also offer holiday camps during school breaks so, children can expand their skills and knowledge but most of all have fun! All camps are led by experienced Egerton FC coaches with first aid training and enhanced DBS certificates.

The Project

Egerton FC had a non-LED system which had been in place for many years, the old technology was expensive to maintain and run. They wanted to upgrade their system to an LED alternative reducing costs for their site. With the club gaining members every day and the site being used for a wide range of activities, they wanted to be able to control the amount of light on their pitches, giving the perfect output for each type of pursuit. There is a great variance between training sessions, matches and athletic clubs.


Assessing the Site

The Kingfisher Sports Team visited and assessed the site, determining the true needs of the club. They took into consideration factors such as the size of the pitch, all the various uses and if any of the existing columns and equipment could be reused. With many options available including ALO, Amnis and Zactis luminaires, we were able to offer a ranges of high-performance fittings with different aesthetics.

We advised on a custom, yet simple lighting control solution to perfectly manage their lighting arrangements. Our easy to use Kingfisher Controls provide all the flexibility of a more complex system, but keeps the usability simple in order for all club volenteers to easily adjust the lighting levels on the pitch as needed.

Our Recommendations

Amnis is a powerful flood light, designed and engineers in the UK by our expert Product Development Team. It was the perfect solution for Egerton due to it’s high performance capabilities and pitch perfect output. The flood uses innovative reflector technology guaranteeing visual comfort for both players and spectators alike.


We recommend using reflector based fittings where possible for a variety of reasons, including performance, longevity of life and visual comfort to name but a few. Reflectors enable us to redirect incident light back to the front of the fitting, producing a comfortable output and allowing the light to be directed exactly where it’s needed.

The site is located near a residential area making it very important to reduce the amount of nuisance light. We also wanted to ensure any wildlife habitats remained unaffected, therefore reflector technology was the best possible choice.  

Using Kingfisher Controls, we were able to create a bespoke switching system to service the club’s main types of activity. For example, one setting allows the club to have 100% illumination over the whole site. Another click of a button allows them to light a smaller practice area. The preset programs allow the club to simply switch between lighting orientations without lengthy training or new equipment.

This system allows the club to reduce its energy consumption, by only using the necessary illumination for any given activity. This reduces their electrical spend, as well as reducing any unnecessary light pollution.

The overall scheme ensured Egerton FC had a high performance lighting scheme tailored to meet their full specification. We provided a complete LED replacement for all previous non-led fittings, installed a state of the art control system and reduced overall maintenance and running costs.