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Minehead FC

Established in 1889, Minehead AFC are affiliated with the Somerset County FA. In their 130 years of operation, the club have seen many developments and changes both on and off the pitch, including a successful debut in the FA Cup back in the 1970s. They have seen wins and failures, many teams pass through those changing rooms and now reside in the Somerset County League Division One and sit comfortably in second place.


The past year brought many challenges for all but the club found light in the darkness with the refurbishment of the ground and it’s facilities. Minehead Recreation Ground, otherwise known as the home of Minehead AFC, has seen a drastic transformation as they’ve had the addition of a community centre, as well as electric charging points in the car park bringing them into the present day, not forgetting their all new LED lighting systems.

The Project

Minehead reached out to the Kingfisher Sport Team asking for a modernised scheme to replace their current system. Upon initial planning, they wanted both LED and halogen fittings however, we soon agreed that the Amnis range was a better match. Amnis could provide the perfect distribution but also reduce both running and maintenance costs.

The Fittings

We illuminated three of their pitches with our Amnis luminaires averaging 200 lux. We selected a 1350W fitting with 130lm/W and narrow short throw optics for the site. This provided not only perfect illumination but also a visually comfortable experience for all via its reflector based system.


Along with the three pitches needing to be lit, our team knew that new bracketry and columns would also add to the longevity of the site. We used bespoke twin, triple and even quad outreach brackets atop 15m octagonal columns which could easily withstand the headload of the fittings and drivers.

Thanks to our team, Minehead AFC now have an all new lighting system to run alongside their brand new community centre allowing extended running hours after dusk and visual comfort for all. See more of our Kingfisher Sport projects here.