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Lighting Up the Game: Elevate Your Experience

From the moment supporters arrive at stadiums, they hope for an unforgettable experience. Don’t let poor illumination let the side down!


When approaching any lighting system, many focus purely on the functionality and initial cost of luminaires without considering the engagement with visitors and fans. We’ve put together our top tips for selecting the best system to improve the spectator experience. 

Entering the Stadium

From the first moment of entering a stadium or club, patrons should be greeted with a visually comforting lighting scheme. It is paramount this approach is implemented from carpark through to the pitch in order to create the greatest quality experience but, what’s the solution?

Kingfisher recommend utilising high quality luminaires with proven low glare distributions and carefully selected colour temperatures that match the architectural qualities of the site. A great example we use is Anfield. From the moment you arrive at the site, there is a combination of architectural, area and street lighting which blends effortlessly with the stadium maintaining high functionality and aesthetics.

This is a great way to welcome all to your grounds and maintain great colour rendering and comfort on site. Kingfisher host a vast collection of luminaires that can enhance human-centricity, uniformity, and safety on site. See the Anfield Case Study here.


The Event

For the event, you want complete visual clarity for players and spectators, in person and at home. This avoids potential complaints about glare impacting on both pitch performance or viewing. You also need to make sure your lighting performs to the relevant standard, whether this be British Standards, FIH, FA, RFU etc. If your scheme meets the appropriate lux levels, you will be clear to play at a professional level.

If you are struggling to find the correct luminaires, Kingfisher Sport have a wide selection of luminaires available with features such as controls compatible, flicker free and HDTV broadcasting ready. We also have an in-house Lighting Design team who can provide detailed schematics, as well as payback calculations.


The Kingfisher Way

We can provide you with a full end-to-end solution ensuring every aspect of your lighting is covered. You will be assigned a dedicated Project Engineer who can guide you through every step from lighting design through to delivery.

If you would like to find out more about Kingfisher Lighting, our services and products please browse our website or call our team on 01623 415900

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