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Cut Outs

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Cut Outs

Our BS 7654 fused cut outs allow for the safe termination of incoming and outgoing PVC SWA cables and the fusing of the single phase supply feed to your luminaires.

  • Cable sizes: 
    single phase 
    = 2x25mm2 – 4 x 6mm2 2 core
                            = 2 x 10mm2 3 core
    3 phase          = 4x6mm2
  • Fuse ratings: 6A – 20A

Key features

Manufactured in high specification thermoplastic material and suitable for column mounting

Meet low voltage directive LVD/2006/95/EC

Come complete with earth block and gland plate

Brass terminal blocks are tin plated

Single or three phase incoming supply

Designed and Engineered in the UK

ITALO1_2.0 (17)

AEC Illuminazione

Technical street lighting

Intense R&D, robust testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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Comprehensive range

Great quality, affordable and practical lighting solutions.

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Italian design

Lighting form and function designed for humans.

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