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Kingfisher Sport – Upgrade your Site to LED

Did you know that from this month you will no longer be able to purchase halogen lamps? You may think ‘what happens when my lamps need replacing’ or ‘what should my next step be?’ It’s time to upgrade your system to a cost saving, energy efficient solution.  The Kingfisher Sport Team will guide you through the transition from lamped products to LED!


The phasing out of lamped products is in an effort towards creating a safer and greener future. By banning halogen lamps, there will be a reduction of 1.26 million tonnes to emissions every year. But, the benefits are far more than just a reduction in emissions...

Replacing Lamps

Every time you replace a lamp on your site, you are spending unnecessary money that could easily be saved. How might you ask? Well, you’re not only spending on the lamps themselves; you’re also paying for labour as well as additional the equipment hire.

By transitioning to LED, you’ll never have to pay for any extra lamps or labour other than the normal maintenance routine to ensure that your luminaire is performing at the top of its game. Kingfisher can recommend a maintenance package for all your high mast systems to ensure they have the best possible performance.


Our specially developed Alanod™ MIRO-Silver Reflector Technology is built to produce a high efficiency output, saving on running costs, prolonging the life of the fitting and generating a better quality of light. This LED technology directs the light through the system and directly to where it’s needed, alleviating back spill and obtrusive light.

Due it a high efficiency design and its high-powered optical system, fewer luminaires are needed to achieve the desired light levels, again, saving you money as well as having a cleaner lighting design on site.

Our team will produce payback calculations to demonstrate the extent of the savings over a desired period. These calculations take into account existing energy consumption for current usage, lamp life, labour and equipment costs vs the vastly reduced running costs and extended life of the new system.


No Fitting is One Size Fits All

It is important to remember no fitting is one size fits all and so when choosing your luminaire, you need to recognise the real needs of your site and its development.

Choosing the right optical system to make the most of your can be complicated with many factors to take into consideration.  We offer a free site consultation where we assess what you’re working with and how it could be improved. The consultation will pay attention to budget, existing equipment, surrounding areas such as residential properties and wildlife habitats as well as the overall space of your site.

Lighting Design

After the consultation, we progress to the lighting design stage. In this phase, your scheme will be passed to one of our expert Lighting Design Team who work closely alongside the Project Engineer to ensure your site gives the best possible results.

The Design Team can recommend appropriate colour temperatures, optical systems and outputs for your scheme taking into account multiple uses, local surroundings and other environmental factors. We have a dedicated dark skies range to ensure your area receives the perfect illumination without any light pollution or obtrusive light.

Amnis, our high-performance flood is available in 2700K and has the IDA’s seal of approval ensuring its suitability for dark skies areas.

So, if you’re worried about your next steps give us a call or contact our team to find out how we can assist you on the journey to LED!


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